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Thursday, February 01, 2007

more colour things :)

To the left is a lovely postcard sent to me by Denise Hunley - there was no message with it but is a colourful postcard so i presume it was sent for this call. The postcard is by her and properly printed which I am amazed - its copyright 1976. I think its lovely and I might try and put a bigger picture up at some point so that people can see it in more detail. She also sent with it the patch which intrigues me more. It says "Inspiricy" on it and on the envelope it was sent in is a stamp of Artstar Inspiricy Inc. so a bit of a mystery which I will have a little search online into. I like mystery's :)

These were sent by the lovely Jan Robson who saw my previous masquerade ATC's and sent these to me - also saying they could be included in my colour call. Unfortunately the gems had fallen off by the time it got here so I have tried to put them back on where i think they went but I have not glued them back on yet until I am sure thats where they should go. She also sent me a postcard which again properly made has her details and such on them so I will be sure to check out her blog to see some of her other stuff.
So another batch of exciting stuff. I must get cracking on stuff to send back!!!!


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