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Saturday, February 03, 2007

And it keeps coming

Another 2 pieces, a lovely postcard from Em, who I had seen on had sent a piece so nice to know it arrive safely. It a printed postcard - i'd love to know how people manage to do that. I like the little bit of writing that says you have an unusually magnetic personality :) I like to think i'm a bit special too.
Also it has cool stamps on it as they are comic book heroes - one has the green lantern on it and one has the flash on it. I bought some great stamps yesterday - they have constellations on them - one is the Helix Nebula and one is the Cat Eye Nebula. They are on 50p stamps so who knows, some of you lucky people may end up with them on my work winging it way to you!

And in an envelope from Mete Sarbai came an ATC and then some extra bits and pieces - a couple of exhibit stickers, a square of wrapping paper, a picture of a cowboy and a bit from a newspaper - all interesting things :) I hope to make use of these in the near future - It was nice to receive bits from someone - hopefully i'll receive more in the future.


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