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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Interesting works

Woo today's my birthday :) I'm at work but have received some great presents and with them some great paper which I am sure I will make use of!

I have had a couple of very interesting pieces come in. The 1st is this thick postcard created on cardboard and with no return address just the signature C. Low (i think) and the website which is a religous website. I have left a message on the message board so that the person can conact me with their address if they would like something in return. Very colourful and very much what I think when i think of the word/meaning of colour.
The other piece i received was actually created on the inside of the envelope and so had to be opened ever so carefully but I love the fact it was done this way, to hide the picture, making it such a surprise to open and such an interesting picture has been drawn as well. It looks like someone/thing burning for their sins whilst something waits to possibly eat them/ their soul. A good use of colour in the picture and something very different from what I have already recieved.
Having received these last 2 pieces, it has got me thinking about how different all of the pieces I have received have been. None have been alike and yet all so good and interesting. I think this will help me to stop worrying that the stuff i make is too childish or not that good because everyone had their own style and you wouldn't want to receive all similar pieces. Its lovely to get such diversity coming through your letterbox :) So keep them coming people - I am slowly working on pieces to send back and don't worry you will all receive something!

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