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Monday, April 16, 2007

I have had post ....

and I have been awful about getting it on here. I am have been a busy bee with work and also travelling. Wwith Sam having moved to Bristol I am away most weekends and I've been travelling with work as well, having me out of the office a couple of days a week after the last couple of weeks. So apologies to all who have sent me stuff and it has not appeared on here. I will endeavour to fix that!


Blogger Mailmania2 said...

Wonder if the card I sent ever made it . . most of the time I send so much I can't keep track of it all . . but then once in awhile a piece will come to mind and I'll seek it out on a blog . . but I see you have had life fill the space in between . . I know what that is like. Hope the new year is off to a good start . . all the best

8:14 AM  

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