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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Contortionists and ATC's

Just before the postal strike kicked in (which is depressing for us all, losing the joy of seeing what post we get in a day) I received a couple of envelopes of art. Firstly I received another piece for the contortionists call this time from a fellow Brit, Michael Leigh. His shape is interesting as he has gone for the traditional meaning of the word contortionists in his work. I like the fact that he didn't just get an image of a contortionist but instead got a number of images and intertwined them together to make it look like they are contorting.
Secondly I received a nice RAK in the post from Xtina Soland. I don't know who you are Xtina but I appreciate the ATC's. Maybe you could post and let me know where you found me as such. These 3 ATC's are lovely with I think silent plea being my favourite although I love the crop circle image on Do you see it? I love the person (to my mind a girl) on silent plea and the way the colours work with eachother to make the image stand out to you! So thank you very much Xtina - I think they are lovely!


Blogger mirapeix said...

hello! seuss cat-
this is xtina from northern california.
i found your call on denis charmot mail calls- and also on mail i love to send out mail to everywhere- i am looking for a nice colorful watercolor piece to send to your color mail art call soon. i am so glad you like the atcs...i had fun sending it to you.

11:56 PM  

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