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Monday, February 26, 2007

An ATC and some Colour

This is an ATC from Heather where we did a one to one swap on the theme of "In the Frame" as there weren't enough people in the swap so we ended up with a couple of our own cards. I really like the lock and key on this, so small but just adds a little extra. I have really used embellishments like that so am intrigued about them and the possible thought of trying to use such things in the future!
Then this is another colour piece come in. This is from Rachel Freeman and I really like that it has some texture with it, the petals of the flower are slightly raised and the paint feels quite rough compared to the smoothness of the stamps. The blue is very pearly which gives a nice effect. Should be getting some ATC's from the Its Only Words swap in the next couple of days so keep your eye out for them on here :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Old stuff refound

Was having a bit of a sort out yesterday (ok we were actually looking for the Log Book for Sam motorbike) and i refound some mail pieces I had been sent by people previous to starting this blog and so I though I would share it with people.

These pieces are from 4 different people. The mushrooms photo is from Kat Van Trollebol and was in response to a drawing I sent for her Alice in Wonderland call - as far as I know this is an ongoing call and i'm sure she'd appreciate your work Its in dutch but can be easly translated with babelfish. The mushrooms look huge but i think it is just a close up shot of mushrooms but i really like it.

The ATC is from Jinx off the Postal Press list and is her found art piece that she has added to - i like the sparkliness of it! This is from August 2006. It was also fun as she was telling me what was on her mind at the time.

The postcard bottom right is from Fast Eyes on the Postal Press list and is one she made. It reminds me very much of the postcard from Em however I do not think it is the same person just similar styles. This is from September 2006

The bottom one i think is my favourite and is supposed to represent the ocean which I admit was the 1st thing I though of when I looked at it. I like the choice of colours and how you can look at it whichever way up it is. This is from Mim also off the Postal Press list and was also from September 2006.

So as you can see, some nice pieces that I just felt it would be nice to share with others :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Interesting works

Woo today's my birthday :) I'm at work but have received some great presents and with them some great paper which I am sure I will make use of!

I have had a couple of very interesting pieces come in. The 1st is this thick postcard created on cardboard and with no return address just the signature C. Low (i think) and the website which is a religous website. I have left a message on the message board so that the person can conact me with their address if they would like something in return. Very colourful and very much what I think when i think of the word/meaning of colour.
The other piece i received was actually created on the inside of the envelope and so had to be opened ever so carefully but I love the fact it was done this way, to hide the picture, making it such a surprise to open and such an interesting picture has been drawn as well. It looks like someone/thing burning for their sins whilst something waits to possibly eat them/ their soul. A good use of colour in the picture and something very different from what I have already recieved.
Having received these last 2 pieces, it has got me thinking about how different all of the pieces I have received have been. None have been alike and yet all so good and interesting. I think this will help me to stop worrying that the stuff i make is too childish or not that good because everyone had their own style and you wouldn't want to receive all similar pieces. Its lovely to get such diversity coming through your letterbox :) So keep them coming people - I am slowly working on pieces to send back and don't worry you will all receive something!

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

And it keeps coming

Another 2 pieces, a lovely postcard from Em, who I had seen on had sent a piece so nice to know it arrive safely. It a printed postcard - i'd love to know how people manage to do that. I like the little bit of writing that says you have an unusually magnetic personality :) I like to think i'm a bit special too.
Also it has cool stamps on it as they are comic book heroes - one has the green lantern on it and one has the flash on it. I bought some great stamps yesterday - they have constellations on them - one is the Helix Nebula and one is the Cat Eye Nebula. They are on 50p stamps so who knows, some of you lucky people may end up with them on my work winging it way to you!

And in an envelope from Mete Sarbai came an ATC and then some extra bits and pieces - a couple of exhibit stickers, a square of wrapping paper, a picture of a cowboy and a bit from a newspaper - all interesting things :) I hope to make use of these in the near future - It was nice to receive bits from someone - hopefully i'll receive more in the future.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

more colour things :)

To the left is a lovely postcard sent to me by Denise Hunley - there was no message with it but is a colourful postcard so i presume it was sent for this call. The postcard is by her and properly printed which I am amazed - its copyright 1976. I think its lovely and I might try and put a bigger picture up at some point so that people can see it in more detail. She also sent with it the patch which intrigues me more. It says "Inspiricy" on it and on the envelope it was sent in is a stamp of Artstar Inspiricy Inc. so a bit of a mystery which I will have a little search online into. I like mystery's :)

These were sent by the lovely Jan Robson who saw my previous masquerade ATC's and sent these to me - also saying they could be included in my colour call. Unfortunately the gems had fallen off by the time it got here so I have tried to put them back on where i think they went but I have not glued them back on yet until I am sure thats where they should go. She also sent me a postcard which again properly made has her details and such on them so I will be sure to check out her blog to see some of her other stuff.
So another batch of exciting stuff. I must get cracking on stuff to send back!!!!